Sorry for the quiet!

Ask anyone, it’s is really not like me to be so quiet…REALLY!


That being said, I have been busy with quite a few things related to my fiber life:

There is a show being held at the gallery of the Art Institute International, Kansas City campus, from April 2 through April 30th featuring the work of educators who also happen to be creators of art. And I wrangled my way into the show! Right now, three of my fiber paintings are being hung for the show beginning next Monday. I would love for any of you who can to stop by and check out the show. There is a reception on April 19th which will have the artists, including moi, in attendance to talk about our work, our creative process, etc. Please cone by-I’d love to tell you about this thing called felt that I absolutely adore!

Art Institutes International, Kansas City


8208 Melrose Drive, Lenexa, Kansas

Thursday, April 19, 2012, 5pm-7pm

Spring Break was last week, and it brought rainy days and organization and preparing for future classes-all in all a productive break! I also laid out 4 felt paintings (although one of them will be a bag, I’ve decided) and topped my last day of break by rolling out all four paintings-2400 rolls! I am STILL aching a little from the 4 hours of cardio workout, but the results are great. I am working on the embellishments now, and will have pictures to post within the next couple of days.


So-that’s what I’ve been up to, what have YOU been felting?





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