Darkened Room day-still have work to do!

So, day 1.5 out of the past 3 days with migraine, and it is subsiding, thank goodness.  However, it necessitates spending the remainder of my day in my darkened room. That being said, I have to prepare for a needle felting class tomorrow evening and for another scheduled for Friday afternoon.

So it’s time to gather up the materials and supplies needed for the Cup Sleeve class tomorrow:

mats upon which to felt the sleeve blank

felting needles and needle felting kits

embellishment ideas and options

several cuffs for inspiration


For Friday (and I have yet to hear from any students wanting to take the class) I need to gather up the supplies needed for the Create A Felted Creature Class:

mats, kits and needles like the aforementioned class

chenille stems and pieces of foam to use for armatures

poly fiberfill to build up the creature’s “innards”, saving the pretty fibers for the skin

embellishment ideas and options


After I’ve gathered up these supplies for classes, I’ll be taking a close look at my felted, or more appropriately, fulled wool supplies. I have a custom order for a bag in purple, and I scored some beautiful wool at Fabric Recycles in Overland Park, KS last week. They are located in the strip mall at 93rd and Metcalf, and they have all kinds of thrifted fabrics for purchase, as well as threads, notions, patterns-pretty much a smorgasbord for fabric junkies like me! I found two beautiful pieces of wool at the shop that I’ve fulled in the washing machine over the past day. The tweed-y fabric fulled beautifully, and I’ll be cutting out the pieces for the bag. We also stopped at Hancock Fabrics where I  found about 4 yards of a wool jacquard in a leaf-y design, periwinkle and copper! The design fulled up in such a textural manner that I know it will make some beautiful bags.


So, migraine bad, but spending the day in a darkened room working with wools is a good thing. If you haven’t taken one of my classes yet, take a look at earlier posts for the schedule of classes for March and April and give me a holler at annasplaceofholding@gmail.com to reserve your spot in class. I’d love to share my love of fiber and wool!


Until next time, FELT This!



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