RESCHEDULE ALERT: March Painting Class

I’ve made the decision to reschedule the March 5th Felt Painting class, and will announce the new date shortly, but wanted to let you know why.

Now, more than ever before, it is key for each of us to do our civic duty and be counted to remind our government that WE the people want a government FOR the people. As March 5th is caucus day here in Kansas, not only do I want to ensure that I’m able to line up and caucus, I do not want to be a prevention for anyone else to do the same. So I’ll reschedule class.

But do this for me:


If you’re a Democrat leaning individual, find your caucus site here:

2016 Caucus Information

If you’re a Republican leaning individual, find your caucus site here:!caucus/cl95

Not registered? No problem as you can register at the caucus. Won’t be 18 until later this year, but will be by the November elections? No problem as you can caucus as long as you’ll be 18 by November 1. Don’t let these prevent you from coming out to caucus.

And we will felt that painting shortly after the caucus, I promise!



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