Sorry for the yelling, but I DID need to get your attention somehow!

Yesterday evening I sent out the two lists I promised at GenCon: Felting tips & tricks and the Felting Resources lists. I sent them to the email addys I deciphered from the pages you filled out at class, and have apparently gotten a few of them incorrect. Please send me your email via email to MY addy:

I’ll resend the lists at the end of the weekend to those who want the lists .

Now, for the information you’ve been wanting to hear, WHO WON THE DRAWINGS?

I’m putting together 9 DELUXE NEEDLE FELTING KITS to send out next week, and I’ve drawn the winners! They are:










When they are in the mail, I will revise this post to include the names of the lucky winners! Until next time, GO FELT SOMETHING!



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