New Beginnings…again!

A year ago I began a new job, thinking that I was beginning a new career. Fast forward to now, and I am no longer working there, and unsure whether or not the new career is where I’m to be focusing after all. The leaving was necessary-one cannot grow and learn in a distrustful, negative environment. Yet, regardless of what happens next, I am filled with peace-peace that can only come from knowing that I did the right thing for the right reasons.

So now what? Well, the first thing to do is get my studio space up and organized so that I can create without searching for the needed items! Then, as the last show of the season was this past weekend, I need to get my artfire site stocked and ready to sell again. Watch for my STORE’S OPEN tweet!

Finally, it is time for me to finally embrace the fact that I have become an artist-and that means working my art like a boss. So hang onto your hats and keep watching-things be happening around here!!! Now go stab something into existence!!

Anna aka @FELTit aka @FeltingAnna


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