Working on a New Sculpture!

Our local Potwin Fiber Artisans will be holding the TWISTED! Fiber Festival the first weekend in November, and I am working on a sculpture to represent what we all do with the fiber arts, and thought that the eclectic collection of crocheters, knitters, embroidery experts, spinners, felters, etc. would be best seen as a vortex of fibers!




Yep, I’ve been trimming newly felted wool pieces today and collecting the debris, and will combine it with dryer lint and some lovely black and gray wool to create a tornado! Then, for grins and giggles, I’ll add threads, yarns, perhaps a few needle tools, and when complete, it will be the perfect representation of TWISTED!


Watch for upcoming pictures to document the process! (And I’ve got something really special cooking in the wings!)



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