Phil and Betsy wedding quilt

I had the opportunity to assist my friend, Cathy Anderson, and her godmother, Peg Hazlett, in throwing a bridal shower for Cathy’s soon-to-be-daughter-in-law Betsy. No games were allowed, Cathy’s rule, so I was the one designated to be the “crafty organizer:. And, while the creation of a bridal quilt is nothing new, in fact is very traditional, we had fun with our interpretation.

Peg purchased a number of fat quarters in the colors of the wedding, blue and yellow, and I prepared muslin squares for embellishment by the shower guests. Each guest was invited to utilize fabric markers to create a message, a wish, a prayer, or just to pass along a family saying. They then chose the fat quarter they wanted to accompany their message, and I’ll be creating a quilt for the happy couple to be displayed at the wedding in July.

We have 16 message squares, and 16 plain squares-enough to create a cuddle quilt for two! Here is a collage of the squares and the sentiments:


I’ll post more progress photos as the quilt progresses!


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