FELT THIS! Mini Masterpiece class-Saturday!!

WOW-January is off to a wonderful start-first class of 2015 was on the 10th, and we had a great little group of needle felters stabbing some fun creatures into existence! Then Winter Woolfest in Wamego last Saturday where friends, fun, and fibery fabulousness was had by all. And next Saturday, the 24th, we will be creating mini felt paintings based on landscape pictures! I am so excited to see what everyone creates!

There is still a little room in the class if you have been considering giving wet felting a try. 9am to Noon on Saturday, January 24th, at the Potwin Presbyterian Church, located at 5th and Washburn. All supplies and necessary tools are provided for the $45 class fee, and you can RSVP for the class by replying to this post or by sending me an email: annasplaceofholding@gmail.com

I would love to see this class be full beyond belief! All you will need is a simple picture for inspiration, and a couple of old towels to transport your completed painting home after class. You can do this-and the colors and textures that you will have to select from will amaze you…so come join us!


Bodega Bay painting

FELT THIS! Classes for January!

Happy Christmas everyone!

As we prepare for this most magical season, I am encouraging you to set aside some time to do something fun for yourself in January! RSVP’s being accepted now for the following classes:

FELT THIS! Create a Creature-$25 ($10 materials fee included)
Using needle felting sculpture techniques, you’ll stab something into existence! All supplies included, and you’ll leave with a creature well under way, if not completed!
Saturday, January 10, 2015
Potwin Presbyterian Church at 5th and Washburn

FELT THIS! Mini Masterpiece Felt Painting-$45 ($30 materials fee included)
Using wet felting techniques and an inspiration photo you bring with you (simple landscape/skyscape/etc.), you’ll learn how to build up the layers of fibers and colors to create a small felt painting. You’ll have the opportunity to utilize several of my specialty felting tools, and learn tips and tricks of wet felting that I’ve learned over the years.
Saturday, January 24, 2015
Potwin Presbyterian Church at 5th and Washburn

If you would like to take either or both of these classes, please email your RSVP or comment here so that I can plan for the right number of students. If you would like to pay your class fee ahead of the class, I can contact you to make arrangements (and I do take credit cards).

I wish you all a warm and wonderful Christmas, and hope to see you at class in January. Until then, go felt something!



Come join the fun and learn how to create the amazing felt and zipper trimmed pins that are all the rage. Class is tomorrow, Oct. 21st, from 6-8pm at Potwin Presbyterian Church and the cost of $20 covers all supplies needed to create a pin of your own. Additional zipper chain will be available for purchase at $2 per yard so that you can create more of these lovelies on your own! Check these out for some ideas:

Hope to see you tomorrow night!



…or as I like to call it, How to Stab Something into Existence!

Come join me for this two part class that will have you stabbing with the best of felters. Two hours, two Tuesday evenings, lots of stabbing!
Tue, October 7, 6pm – 8pm and Tue., October 14, 6pm-8pm
Potwin Presbyterian Church, Topeka, KS, 5th & Washburn

2-2 hour classes-all materials included-$30

Have you ever wanted permission to stab something into existence?? Well, I have the class for you! During the first class, learn the proper technique to maximize your enjoyment of the process of needle felting, and using a frame, create one or more small felted shapes. At the second class, you will learn the best ways to sculpt with needlefelting, with and without an armature.

Needle Felting is a wonderful technique to create jewelry, ornaments, make embellishments to clothing, the list goes on and on. No experience needed, class size limited to 20.
Contact Anna Walker to reserve your spot: annasplaceofholding@gmail.com, aka @FELTit on Twitter, or http://www.annasplaceofholding.com



Time for a class-this time, we will be creating a cobweb felt scarf, a beautifully lightweight and lacy felting technique that is easy to learn! Here are the details on the class:

Sunday, June 29th, 2-6pm

Location-my home (email me for address and directions: annasplaceofholding@gmail.com)

$40, all supplies included

I will be carding up several fiber batts with alpaca and silk fibers to use for this class-lots of color selections-and the fibers are so luscious that you’ll have a tough time during the layout process. This will be an outdoor class, so wear clothes that are comfy (summer in Kansas and you’ll get wet!) and non-slip soled shoes. I’ll have iced tea and lemonade to help keep us cool! Limited space-only 6 students-and the class will be postponed if weather becomes an issue.

I will be taking pictures during the class to post on the Potwin Fiber Artisans website (potwinfiber.org) and here on my blog-I promise, you’ll be featured in a great light and your face will be beaming with your beautiful scarf!

Contact me for additional information or to reserve your spot in the class! See you soon! Anna


@feltit on Twitter and Instagram


My name is Anna, and I have…

…Chronic Pain.

Since my mid 30’s, I have dealt with early onset arthritis, and over the years, got used to managing the occasional discomfort, aches and pains. I switched to more comfortable and supportive shoes, wore support hose, and did my best to keep moving, even on days when it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Early on I tried medications to assist-none did any better than acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and quite frankly, I even had to cut back on them because of gastric issues.

These past several months, however, a deep intense ache has plagued me, primarily in my hips, legs and feet, though the aches in my wrists and hands has increased as well. I struggle managing it some days, today is one of those days. I only take my OTC mix a couple of times a day to avoid the aforesaid gastric troubles, but I have added a half dose of a muscle relaxer a couple of times a day to give that a little boost, and to keep the pain at a more manageable level. Try, anyway. More and more frequently, I find myself suddenly dealing with an 8, 9 or 10 on the pain scale, unable to take enough of the edge off, in tears to find some sort of release. And, before you suggest it, yes, I’ll be contacting my physician to see what’s going on, but honestly, I have little hope for relief, knowing my previous responses to medications, and knowing I don’t want to have anything to do with certain medications because of their VERY worrisome side effects.

So-where does that leave me, and what does that have to do with my love of fiber?

This is what connects them: when there is nothing more I can do medically, I can pick up some fiber and a felting needle and stab something into existence. I can find a soft and comforting yarn and my crochet hook and exercise my hands while I feel the luxurious strands running through my fingers. I can sort through my felted wool, searching for just the right touch for a project, and take in the colors, the textures, and momentarily lose myself in the fiber, giving my mind, at least, a brief break from a 10 pain day.

Fiber helps to pull my head away from the pains in my body, helps me to find a focal point away from the intensity of the aches. And for that, today, I am grateful.